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As per the name, the Australian Wednesday Lotto occurs once each week. So as to be winners of the jackpot, it is a requirement for the players to match each of the six key figures from a pool consisting of 45.

The Wednesday Lotto is played precisely in similar manner as its counterpart, played on Monday. The only variation is that every game has its personal prize pool. This statewide lottery game is played in Queensland.

Draws for Australian Wednesday Lotto

Every draw provides a jackpot called Division 1 prize consisting of AUD$1 million. If jackpot winners numbering more than four are present, the prize pool of AUD$4 million is distributed between each of the jackpot winners.

In each draw, five extra prizes are found; players are able to even be winners of prizes when they match a combination of only one key figure and two supplementary figures. This lotto is a favorite Aussie mid-week lottery which contributes to a lot of influential and significant charities in states which play it.

History of Australian Wednesday Lotto

Initially, this lotto was NSW lottery and was presented in 1996 in an endeavor to generate extra money for Australia’s community programs. The hugest jackpot was in 2009 January, for AUD$6 million or US$6.2 million.

Regulations for the Lotto

To play this lotto, choose 6 figures from a range of 1 to 45. In addition, two bonus balls are drawn from similar drum as the normal number selection just for secondary prizes. Players can opt to join the lotto online using a 6 line and 12 line form for entry or choose a methodical structure of 8,9,10 or 11 figures which offer all potential entry combinations of the Australian lotto numbers selected. This raises the chances of a prize being won. Quick Pick can be used by players to select numbers randomly or they can utilize the figure selection from saved figures (My Numbers) or choose their figures manually.

The sale of lottery tickets on LottoSend closes around 5 hours before drawings that occur each Wednesday at 10:45 GMT. There is live T.V. drawing of the figures from a machine for selecting numbers randomly. Outcomes are present on LottoSend on Wednesday around 11:30 GMT.

Being a Winner of Australian Wednesday Lotto

To become winners of this Wednesday Lotto jackpot, players should successfully guess 6 to 45 figures appropriately. The couple of bonus balls can be utilized just for secondary prizes in the five prize categories for the lottery.

The jackpot begins at AUS$1 million or US$1.07 million and increases from there without fixed rollover or jackpot cap. No taxes are imposed on the secondary prizes or jackpot. Payment of the jackpot happens once in a lump sum.

Anecdotes for Australian Wednesday Lotto

A couple in Australia found they were winners of OZ lotto in 2011. This came at a perfect time as the previous year, this couple’s house had been destroyed in Christchurch earthquake and as a result the two became unemployed.

The AUS$1 million was a saving grace that was very handy for this appreciative family!

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