Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

A novice Maryland Lottery scratch-off player took one look at the new 10x the Cash scratch-off on sale at Liberty Wine & Spirits in Randallstown and was intrigued. She asked her father-in-law to buy it for her.

He did and the gift gave the 37-year-old her first Lottery win – $10,000! Not bad for a novice who’d never had an interest in playing the Lottery.

“I took it home, scratched it, and, badda bing, there it was,” she said. Her husband, who was sitting beside her, was so shocked and excited he nearly dropped his iPad. Other than alerting her father-in-law, the lucky woman doesn’t plan to share the news with anyone.

The Baltimore city resident has worked as a medical assistant for the past three years. She plans to share her winnings with her father-in-law and spend the rest of the prize on bills.

Her lucky retailer is Liberty Wine & Spirits located at 3526 Brenbrook Drive in Randallstown. This is the first top-prize winning ticket found in this new game, which went on sale Jan. 23. There are still four more top prizes as well as hundreds of smaller prizes remaining from $2 to $5,000.

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