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Europe Euromillions Tickets Online

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There are many websites where you can purchase EuroMillions tickets online. The official website of EuroMillions sells tickets directly and there is a network of concierge services in many countries wherefrom you can procure the tickets as well. Also, there are independent sites and affiliate sites wherefrom you can purchase EuroMillions tickets online.

A Guide To Buy EuroMillions Tickets Online

The general rule is that you can purchase the tickets till the last hour. In other words, you can purchase EuroMillions tickets online till one hour before the actual draw, which happens on Tuesday and Friday evenings. EuroMillions has a list of recommended concierge services as well which you can refer to if you are unsure of which vendor to buy the tickets from.

Irrespective of where you buy it from, you must ensure that the source is credible and that you get authentic tickets. Buying the tickets from the official site is the most rational choice but there are circumstances when you may have to opt for some vendor or concierge service. Some portals do offer special deals and clubbed sales of various kinds of lottery tickets, which also make buying EuroMillions tickets online from them a lucrative proposition.

To buy EuroMillions tickets online, you would have to be at least eighteen years old or above and you have to be from one of the participating countries. The qualifying age varies and you should check with your own country’s requirement. In the UK, the qualifying age is not eighteen but sixteen.

The participating countries are France (Paris is where the draw is held every Tuesday and Friday), Spain, UK, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Monaco, Luxembourg, Isle of Man, Andorra and Liechtenstein. You need to be a national or citizen of these countries to qualify to buy EuroMillions tickets online.

If you are a national of a country that is not in this list then you have to check with EuroMillions concierge services if there is anyone authorized to sell the tickets where you live. Overseas territories that are within the administrative ambit of France, UK and Spain are included in list of participants.

The cost of EuroMillions tickets online varies. The exact cost would depend on the type of tickets you purchase. There are tickets for one time entry and multi-draw. Tickets are further categorized according to 3 lines, 5 lines, Systematic or Syndicate variants of the draw. Cash-backs and bonuses would also influence the actual cost of any EuroMillions tickets online.