Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

Is LottoKings Real? Is LottoKings Legit?

LottoKings [lottokings.com] is the new brandname and website of CongaLotto. For many years CongaLotto was a superb online lottery ticket provider service, providing worldwide lottery games available online to tens of thousands of lottery players around the world.

With games like USA Powerball and Europe Euromillions, CongaLotto was a favorite for many online lottery players and held its place in the top online ticket providers list along with popular online lottery ticket providers such as TheLotter and LottoSend.

CongaLotto is Now LottoKings!

This is the official email that was sent out to CongaLotto customers at the beginning of this month:

“We’re operating in a global lottery sector. with millions of chances to play and win each week. Our site is a big success story and, thanks to you, we’ve been growing year after year. Now, we’ve decided it’s time to take a big leap forward. We’re leaving our original name behind as we unveil a new brand that will define us in the online lottery market. Congalotto is becoming LottoKings.”

“All Congalotto tools will be updated on the platform automatically and will also be updated on your side. So you do not have to worry about a thing during this transition. We are also taking this chance to update our lotteries section and will have new lotteries and new promotions available soon for LottoKings! We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey so far and as we begin this new era, look forward to have you along for the ride!”

LottoKings is not a scam at all and we are sure that they are trustworthy, legit and safe for all online players. LottoKings are just a re-branding of the popular and trustworthy CongaLotto brand. You can know that when playing at their website you are safe and will get superb user experience and customer service!

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