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The Mega Millions lottery draw scheduled on Friday, November 11th, 2022 had a jackpot of $189 million that had a cash value of about $93.9 million.

Jackpot rises

The winning numbers that were drawn in the Mega Millions lottery were 01, 05, 17, 37 and 70, while 22 was the gold Mega Ball and 3X was the Megaplier in the draw.

Unfortunately, there were no players who were able to match the numbers that could have allowed them win the jackpot, which means that it will now roll over.

The next Mega Millions draw is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, November 15th, 2022, which is around $207 million.

Other winners

Not only were there no winners for the grand prize in the Mega Millions lottery drawing on Friday night, there were no players who managed to hit the Match 5 either.

This means that Friday night’s draw of the Mega Millions lottery did not have any instant millionaires. But, there were other winners who did take prizes home.

There were a total of 17 players who managed to hit the Match 4 and also the gold Mega Ball and this allowed them to a win a prize of $10,000 each in Friday night’s drawing.

There were also two people who not only hit the Match 4 and the gold Mega Ball, but also purchased the Megaplier with their ticket for the Mega Millions drawing on Friday night.

This allowed them to increase their prize from $10,000 each to $30,000 each. Other winners of the Mega Millions lottery draw on Friday took home prizes between $2 and $1,500.

Forgotten ticket

In other news, a man from Missouri had won a prize of $50,000 in the Powerball lottery with a friend. However, he did not know his ticket was a winner and it had spent months lying on his dresser.

The two had purchased the ticket for the Powerball drawing on June 11th and said that they had not checked the ticket for months.

He said that he and his friend had known each for 50 years and had started playing the lottery the last few years.

He revealed that the two had known each other since the seventh grade and their lockers had been close to each other.

The man said that he brought the ticket to the store for getting it scanned and the clerk informed him that he had won $50,000. He said that he had called his wife to share the news with her.

He said that he asked his wife about her day and then told her about his own day. But, he did not disclose any plans for his winnings.

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