Thu. Feb 29th, 2024
A Canadian woman is celebrating the New Year in style after winning millions on the lottery with numbers she saw in a dream 28 years ago.
Olga Beno’s unlikely dream came true after she scooped the CA$5.3million (£3.2m)

Atlantic Lottery winner Olga Beno won the lottery with numbers she dreamt 28 years ago jackpot in the Atlantic Lottery draw on December 28.
The Nova Scotia native explained how she dreamt a set of lottery numbers in May 1989 and stuck with them over the next two decades.
“If I had to describe how it feels in one word, I would say: ‘magnificent’,” the delighted grandmother said.
Ms Beno didn’t realise she had actually won the huge prize until 48 hours after the draw when she spotted the numbers in a newspaper as she spoke to her sister on the phone.
“I know my numbers by heart, and I thought I saw them on the television screen the evening after the draw, but my eyes aren’t good,” she said.
“So I forgot about it. “At first I thought – it can’t be. It’s a mistake in the paper. Then I said to my sister, ‘I think I won the lottery.’
She said ‘Phone me back when you want to tell me the truth.’” The lottery winner, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in 2007, plans to spoil her family with the winnings. She also wants to build “an accessible, ranch-style house”.
“I’m a big kid at heart,” she added.
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