The New York Lottery Announced That Multiple Top Prize-Winning Take 5 Lottery Tickets Were Sold in Queens and Brooklyn

This time, it was not just one person who got lucky but there are more than one lucky winners for the top prize. The New York lottery has announced that there are multiple top prize-winning tickets sold this time.

As per the New York lottery, these top prize-winning tickets were all sold in two different boroughs of New York City.

As a noble gesture, the New York lottery has revealed the names of the boroughs to narrow down the search for the winners. Furthermore, the New York lottery has provided the names of the stores where the prize-winning tickets were sold from their addresses.

The New York lottery revealed that the top prize-winning tickets were sold from Brooklyn and Queens respectively.

New York has revealed the store details of the Take 5 lottery ticket that was sold in Brooklyn. The ticket was sold at the JRC Corner Deli Grocery. The JRC Corner Deli Grocery is located at 620 Maple Street in Brooklyn. The prize winner for the ticket sold in Brooklyn was $32,213.

New York also revealed the store details of the other Take 5 lottery ticket that won the same amount prize. The second Take 5 lottery ticket was sold in Queens. The name of the store where the ticket was sold is Anmol Food Mart.

The Anmol Food Mart is located at 163-02 Linden Boulevard in Jamaica and also brought in $32,213 for the winner.

The draw for the multiple top prize-winning tickets was held on October 31, 2020. For players who wish to purchase the Take 5 lottery tickets, they have the option of choosing five sets of numbers. The five sets of numbers that the players can choose from a range between 01 and 39. Every day a new draw takes place for the Take 5 lottery which is aired on television every night at 11:21 pm.

Once a winner for a particular draw has been announced, he/she has a 1 year time period to claim the prize.

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