Thu. May 30th, 2024

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Canadian Lottery Games VS Other Lotteries From Around the World

Many Canadians are avid lottery players that buy lottery tickets at least a few times per year, a large portion of Canadians also will play their local lotteries such as Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49 on a regular basis each and every week no matter the jackpot size.

The Canadian lotteries can reach jackpots of tens of millions of Canadian dollars but in reality they are no match for the US Powerball, Mega Millions, European Euromillions and a few other lottery games around the world that have much bigger jackpots such as the Australian Oz Lotto or the Spanish Loteria de Navidad.

Although we do really like the Canadian lottery games we can understand why many Canadians choose to play USA and European lotto games online nowadays.

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Playing Lotto Online From Canada

With the help of online lottery agents such as LotteryMaster, Lottosend and LottoAgent – thousands of Canadians are able to participate in virtually any lottery game from around the world securely and legally, from their homes in Canada online.

Can A Canadian Win a USA or European Lottery Jackpot?

Yes! The USA multi-state lottery official websites even state that anyone can purchase a ticket and win a lottery jackpot even if they are a foreigner and this is where lottery agents come in, they purchase the ticket on your behalf, upload a scan of the ticket to your account and hold the ticket for you. When you win a prize or even a jackpot you get payed in full without any commissions.