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Greece Powerball

Buy lottery tickets online from home for the biggest Greek lotteries such as Greece Powerball / Greece Joker and win up to $18.2 million euros!

This lottery game from Greece gives fans of big prizes a chance to win great prizes in their biweekly draws. While playing Greece Powerball, you have the opportunity to change your life by pocketing one of the big jackpots or smaller prizes. If you do not know about this game yet, we invite you to read on. You will also find out how to buy tickets online from home.

The Greece Powerball is a national lottery giving you the chance to play twice per week for an impressive jackpot. This Lotto game is presented in the 5/45 format. That is to say, when you buy your tickets, you must select 5 out of 45 numbers. To satisfy the participants, Greece Lotto offers two draws a week that take place every Wednesday and Saturday. The prizes are paid in cash minus a 20% tax on winnings from the Greek government.

Greece Powerball Prizes

To win the most spectacular prize awarded by the Greek lottery, which is the jackpot prize, get all of the 6 numbers that are drawn at random during the draw right in any order. To meet the expectations of many lottery enthusiasts, this lotto game also grants 4 other secondary prizes. You can win a nice prize with 3 numbers out of the 5 in a draw. Players who get 4, 5 and 5 + 1 numbers in a draw will win higher prizes that vary according to the number of winning numbers found.

Play Greece Lotto Online

If you are interested in lottery jackpots from Greece such as the Greece Powerball jackpot, and you want to play online from anywhere in the world be aware that you can purchase your lottery ticket by simply logging into one of the following online lottery websites. You can also take advantage of your visit to the site to also view the winning numbers of the latest draws or to see how big the jackpot will be for the upcoming draw. Thanks to these international lottery sites, you will not miss a draw of Greece Lotto ever again! In addition, by choosing to buy many tickets to this impressive jackpot lottery, you will benefit from significant discounts on the cost of your tickets.