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Local Nicaragua Lottos VS Other Lottos

In Nicaragua people like to play the National Nicaragua lottery game, they also play Diaria lotto, Super Combo lotto and La Grande lotto – in Nicaragua there are also a wide variety of scratchcard games available. The thing about these lotto games are that they have small prizes, local lottery players who hit the jackpot will usually only get a prize which is worth a few thousand dollars for the jackpot!

This is why many people in Nicaragua choose to play bigger jackpot lottery games from the USA,Europe and Canada or Australia online. The bigger jackpots worth millions and even hundreds of millions of dollars are a lot more enticing. Why play a local lotto that has only a few thousand dollar jackpot when you can play a lotto online such as Powerball or Euromillions with prizes that can reach over a BILLION dollars!

For these reasons, thousands of people from Nicaragua choose to play online each week through online lottery websites not only for the big jackpots but also because playing online gets them good prices, options of playing through a syndicate and making a subscription, for better odds – and of course free tickets and bonus promotions.

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