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Last week’s Powerball results were announced on the night of Saturday the 28th November, 2020. Apparently, this week’s jackpot was comprised of 216 Million US Dollars, which had been piling up for many weeks.

The results suggested that the following numbers were required to be matched by persons to win prize monies: –

For Powerball, the numbers drawn were 8, 12, 18, 44, 51

For Red Powerball, the number drawn was 18 and

the number drawn for Power Play was 2; and

Even for the last week’s Jackpot, no one was lucky enough to even come close to the grand prize money of US$ 216 Million. This would mean now that the amount of 2nd December’s (Wednesday) Powerball Jackpot draw would be US$ 231 Million approximately. The cash at hand to be taken by the winner, if won by anyone, would be roughly US$ 180 Million.

However, even if in next week’s draw nobody could hit the jackpot, then the amount will be further increased.

Astonishingly, apart from jackpot, there was no one who had matched at least the 5 numbers contained in white balls. This would have allowed the person to win a million-dollar reward at least. However, both the grand prizes remained unclaimed by anyone.

It was revealed by lotto’s official that only three winners had won lotteries in the state of Michigan. But the amount won by these individuals was US$ 200 each. There were a total of 641,634 tickets which entitled ticket owners to win $4 each. Out of these 641,634, 20,790 number of tickets were sold in Michigan alone. However, the highest prize won by anyone in Michigan in 28th November’s draw was only US$ 200.

Apart from 44 US States, Powerball is played in Washington DC as well as territories of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Every week the results of the lotto are drawn and winners determined. Any person by spending only US$ 2 can take part in the chance of winning millions of dollars in the lotto.

Rules of lotto describes that each time a jackpot remained unclaimed, the amount of the next week’s jackpot will be increased.

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