Thu. May 30th, 2024

During the course of 2022, people in the town of Sheffield have played the Postcode Lottery and won a massive £1,529,080.

The £30,000 prize was won by two postcodes in Sheffield, with the total prize in the postcodes totaling a whopping £390,000.

The wins

The first win in Sheffield Postcode lottery was back in January when a total of £150,000 was won by four neighbors. This was for the postcode S12 3JG.

One of the winners had bought two tickets, so they were able to win double the prize. The next win in Sheffield had taken place in December for the postcode S5 6AB.

There were a total of six residents who were able to land prizes worth £240,000. There were two residents who had bought another ticket, which saw them double their prizes.

The reactions

One of the winners in the Sheffield postcode lottery in January was Andrew Lucas who had said that they were ecstatic with the win.

He said that they had not thought about winning so much and he had never won anything before, so it was really huge and had come at a great time.

Andrew said that he was going to get new windows and since COVID had now allowed them to have a decent family holiday, it was exactly what he was going to do and go to Ibiza.

The other January winners and those in December had decided to stay anonymous.

Other details

There were a total of 344 postcodes in Sheffield that managed to win cash prizes all throughout 2022. The £1,000 daily prize was won by around 61 postcodes in the city.

A combined £291,000 was also won by a total of 264 lottery players in Sheffield who participated in the Postcode lottery.

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