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Most of the times you hear about the winner of the Swiss lotto (by Swisslos), and you think about a wealthy man that just got wealthier. Well, this is not the case for the family of little Carrie that managed to win more than $2,000.000 in just one game. The father of Carrie was working pretty hard in order to be able to provide for his family as well as cover the expenses of the hospitalization of young Carrie.

Carrie was suffering from a difficult disease since she was born and this caused to her family a great deal of money in expenses. What she didn’t know is that the lottery results would change her whole life.

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Before the Big Swiss Lotto Prize

Carrie’s father was working in a warehouse for more than 10 years trying to make things work for the whole family. However, the huge amount of expenses that they had to cover every month were causing them many additional problems. Carrie’s father was never the guy who played games, so he had never tried to play Swiss Lotto.

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The Winning Warehouse

Some of the coworkers have managed to put together a union that would play the lotto with the ultimate purpose to help Carrie’s family. They had managed to win small prizes every now and then that would generously offer to the family afterwards. However, the small prizes did not manage to do the trick or help the family cope with the expenses.

Swiss Lotto Results

When Carrie’s father found out about this amazing gesture, he wanted to participate, so he started playing as well. They put many Swiss lotto tickets all together and watched the results every week. No one would have guessed that they would actually managed to win more than $ 5,000.000.


When they managed to win this prize all of Carrie’s coworkers wanted to give him all of the money, but he didn’t. He preferred to split the money evenly among them and offer to others the chance to change their whole lives and offer to their families the same things as he could now.

Swiss Lotto Winning Numbers

Though Carrie’s father has also participated in this particular round, the winning ticket was of one of his friends that he had also played more than a few times. He had chosen to play the numbers of their professional uniforms, and he managed to win all of this money for his family and his dearest friends.

The Switzerland lottery has managed to help many families change their lives and improve their overall quality of life. With very little money on a regular basis, you can increase the chances of becoming the ultimate winner. Create a union and increase by far the chances to win and spread the joy and happiness with the people you most cherish and love.

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