Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

The Massachusetts Lottery has added yet another player to its board of winners of the MA Lottery. The Massachusetts Lottery has just announced the winner of the Sound of Winning Jingle Contest. The MA Lottery got very creative with the recent contest that it had introduced to the players of the MA Lottery.

The MA Lottery encouraged the majority of the lottery players to participate in the competition. The MA Lottery also revealed what was the criteria for the contest. In the competition, the participants were required to compose a song.

The MA Lottery also revealed the format on which the song was to be created by the participants. The MA Lottery required the participants to create short songs where they had to share their experience living in MA. The participants were to create a short song where participants could express how it is to work, live, or play in Massachusetts.

The MA Lottery has announced that the name of the winner of the Sound of Winning Jingle Contest is Andrew Brink. The MA Lottery revealed the Andrew Brink is a resident of Somerville. The player won the contest for the song he sang on “Everyone’s a Winner in the Commonwealth”. The player is a rock guitar enthusiast and he made full use of the electric guitar while composing the song.

The MA Lottery stated that the player’s song topped the charts for the contest. It was also confirmed that there were around 150 participants in the Sound of Winning Jingle Contest and Andrew emerged as the winner.

The MA Lottery has revealed the Andrew Brink will be receiving prize money of $5,000 or winning the contest. Additionally, the song that he composed will be made part of an advertisement for the MA Lottery. The MA Lottery also revealed the names of the participants who got second and third positions in the contest.

The name of the first runner up in the contest is Steve Gagliastro and the name of the second runner up is Robert Bezubka. The MA Lottery revealed that Steve Gagliastro is a citizen of Worcester while Robert Bezubka is a citizen of Medford.

The MA Lottery stated that both runner ups will also be receiving prize money for getting the second and third positions. Both the runner ups have been able to bag $1,000 prize money from the contest.

Furthermore, there were more finalists in the Sound of Winning jingle contest. The names of the two finalists were Katelyn Gavagan and Joe Garcia. Katelyn Gavagan is a resident of Quincy and Joe Garcia is a resident of Worcester. Both players will also be winning prize money of $500 each.

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