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In the world, there aren’t many lotteries that can boast of being transnational. One of these transnational lotteries and the world’s first transnational lottery game is the Viking Lotto which also is known by other names such as “Onsdags Lotto” (Wednesday Lotto) and the “Vikingalotto” in Denmark and Iceland respectively. The Viking Lotto as has been mentioned above is the first transnational lottery game ever created. Other transnational lotteries include the “Eurojackpot” and the “Euromillion” all lottery games which originated in Europe.

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The Viking Lotto was created in 1993 in an attempt to increase the number of players involved in lottery games as well as the jackpot amount won by participants. It forged lottery cooperation between the national lotteries of countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. The Viking Lotto helps local communities in the various participating nations as the proceeds from this game are donated to these local communities. Some countries such as Denmark and Finland use a majority of these proceeds to help non-profit organizations, sporting associations, youth, arts and science activities amongst others.

Ever since its creation in 1993, the number of participants have greatly increased especially as the game is available throughout Scandinavia and the whole world. Originally, participants had to be physically present in any one of the aforementioned countries to play the game but with the coming of the internet, it is a lot easier to play as tickets can be bought online by simply visiting Tickets can be purchased using debit or credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, as well as via wire transfers, cheques and other payment options.

Playing the Viking Lotto is very easy. The game is a 6/48 game. This means that each player picks six numbers ranging from 1 to 48. Also, the player picks one additional number which is his/her bonus number. The drawing is held each week on Wednesday. The jackpot is won by the player whose six numbers chosen match the six numbers drawn. Incase more than one player has the correct numerical match; the jackpot amount is shared between these players. The jackpot is international and common for all participants. After the first six numbers are drawn, the next numbers are picked from the remaining 42 numbers. Two bonus numbers are also drawn during the drawing of the main numbers and each player who buys a ticket is automatically entered into the Lucky Pot. If a player has 6 main numbers correct and a correct bonus number, he/she wins the jackpot plus the Lucky Pot Amount. Note that citizens of Sweden are not eligible for the Lucky Pot.

Apart from the jackpot which is international, there are prices for players who get 3 to 5 numbers correct. A player with 5 main numbers and the bonus number is expected to win approximately 30,000 Euros. Without the bonus number, a player who has 5 numbers correct is expected to win 1,000 Euros; a player with 4 correct numbers should expect a prize of 30 Euros and a player with 3 numbers correct – 7 Euros. Prices can be paid out in lump sum and players have up to a year to withdraw their prizes. However, the means of payment depends on the participant’s country. Also, tax and other monetary policies can reduce the total prize amount.

The highest jackpot amount ever to be won stands at a whopping 25 million Euros in Norway. However, the winner wished to stay unknown for obvious reasons. The next largest amount was approximately 20.3 million Euros won again by a Norwegian. So, if you think you are lucky enough, go ahead and buy a Viking Lotto ticket and stand a chance to win a jackpot. Your odds stands at 1:12,271,512.

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