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What Are the Odds of Winning the Lottery? Much as winning the lottery is considered to be a matter of chance, there are reams of published material trying to analyze the patterns behind the numbers that win the jackpot. For most people tend to have a birth date bias while choosing numbers for their lottery ticket i.e. the numbers selected are most often dates of birth of their near and dear ones and themselves. There are also numbers that people tend to avoid. Thirteen is one such unpopular number due to cultural connotations associated with it. Similarly fourteen also tends to get ignored mostly, as it appears immediately after thirteen.

So, What Are the Odds of Winning the Lottery? The odds of winning the lottery also depend on a couple of other factors. First is of course the total number of tickets sold for a particular draw. For example, if a total of ten tickets are sold, then one ticket has a one in ten chance of winning. Secondly, for the purpose of generating the lottery ticket, the ticket purchaser usually selects his numbers from a given set (or you can choose your lucky numbers here). For example, if a person has to select 6 digits from a set of 59, then the chances of a particular ticket winning are one in 45 million.

or the purpose of the draw, six random numbers are drawn from 59 on the day of the draw. As the odds against winning the jackpot are phenomenal, it becomes important to pick good quality numbers while buying the ticket. Good quality numbers means those numbers that are often overlooked while selecting numbers by a large part of the ticket buying populace. The larger numbers are usually selected by a very small proportion. Numbers 3 and 7 have been indicated to be the most selected numbers, through some studies. While there are mathematical formulas dedicated to calculating the odds and the numbers required to beat them, the odds of winning the lottery remain out of bounds for most. Also remember that it is important to play a lottery where the odds of winning something are higher, rather than playing one that has a bigger jackpot. It is because bigger the jackpot, lower will be the odds of winning. A lottery offering a bigger jackpot may offer fewer smaller prizes, again reducing the chances of winning anything at all.

That does not mean that you cannot win at the lottery. Chances of winning the smaller amounts are always there. If nothing else, the smaller prizes will help to offset the cost of purchasing tickets, which can turn out to be a huge expense. Daily draws can be useful in this case. Then there is the free postcode lottery, which is free to enter. The money thus saved instead of spending on lottery tickets can earn interest in the bank. The prizes of free postcode lottery are sponsored by advertisers, who pay for the ad views they gain, when ticket buyers view their advertisements. Whether it is the lottery or lotto or powerball, odds of winning the jackpot are stretched out in each case.

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