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Sean Bean is a railway guard who was living in his parent’s home. He has two small kids and a wife. He has been working at this job for more than three years now. Most of the time, his line of work prevents him from spending some time with his kids. When he was asked by the press about his experience on winning the OZ Lotto Results, he told the press that he doesn’t remember much of what happened. Everything seems blur after he find out that he won the jackpot. Everything went clear when he checked his financial balance.

The Latest Member of the OZ Lotto Winners

He said that the event is just shocking.

Compared to the other OZ Lotto winners who just scream, cried or laugh, it takes couple of days before he realized that he indeed win the jackpot prize.

After having a clear picture of the recent event, Sean Ben immediately resigned on his work and went home to his wife.

Initially, he devoted his entire time in having a good time with his mate by treating them to a nearby pub and having a vacation in Hawaii.

While we asked how the OZ Lotto numbers changed his life, he can’t help but remember the first time he met his wife.

He said that he was 26 years old when he met his wife. Immediately, they decided to live together.

From spending his Holiday with his parents, he is now spending his Holiday with his wife. They have two kids.

However, as the member of their family grows, Sean needs to find a more stable work that will support the needs of his family.

Thus, he needs to move to his parent’s house to take the job of a railway guard.

Due to the laborious and demanding nature of his job, it sometimes takes two weeks before he can visit his kids.

Sean said that he doesn’t mind working hard for his family but doing this without seeing your family at the end of the day is a struggle.

Nowadays, Sean is spending his day with his family.

They live few miles away from the house of their parents which they visit from time to time.

They also used a portion of their winning to renovate their house.

“I don’t want a big house; I want a house where I can check my kids frequently.”

He said that his OZ Lotto winnings will change the life of his kids.

Prior to this, his kids are just like most children who don’t have numerous options in life.

In order to support the needs of the kids, the parents have to leave their house and work most of the time.

Unfortunately, they are also missing the significant event in the life of their kids.

Sean Ben said that he is just too lucky that he will now have a lot of time to spend with his kids.

This is probably the best change that the OZ lotto has given him.

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