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Icelotto Review – How IceLotto Enhances Your Lottery Experience

icelotto-logo-cutImagine a world where the lottery you like is not limited to where you were born, residence or origin. It is not just imagination anymore, because Icelotto made it a reality! Icelotto was set up in 2011 with the objective of enabling and promoting opportunities for clients globally. Icelotto works as a courier service for the online lottery, giving fans the chance to participate worldwide in the lottery.


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IceLotto Review

Icelotto assesses the main official lotteries in the globe, provides winning odds and statistical information together with continuous outcomes, support updates and special offers in real time all over the world.

At present, Icelotto offers lotteries in numerous states worldwide. Each time a client purchases a ticket utilizing their services, the ticket is then bought by the lottery country’s local office, scanned, then uploaded to the Icelotto online account of the customer. Here, the client can view it or print it.

Also, a verification email that has all details of the purchase and order number shall be automatically transmitted to the personal email address of the client as registered to present more verification of purchase.

Icelotto puts in a lot of effort to make sure that clients optimize their investments and opportunities. They work with an expert team of mathematicians and statisticians to raise each client’s winning odds.

The focus of Icelotto is on the requirements, inclinations, and limitations of the customer. Helping the customers to select the lottery that suits them most depending on their preference and best interest is Icelotto’s primary objective.

You may be a person who likes the Jackpot or a lottery fan with high winning odds. Regardless, as the customer, Icelotto gives you proper tools to enhance your winning chances and to participate in a lottery from any area of the world, helping new winners every day. gives all its clients support 24/7 through Email, Chat and thoroughly staffed Call Centre to ensure that any inquiry, question, and problem shall be solved fast in case one arises. Also, apart from the above, an exclusive VIP membership is provided by Icelotto which is cost-free. It gives extra discounts for people who are regular players.

Using high-tech security and technology processes, leading lottery analytics professionals and total customer support, secures your lottery participation.

Buying lottery tickets online with Icelotto

Previously, the only method of purchasing a lottery ticket was visiting your nearby store and selecting a ticket. Today, it is simpler to buy lottery tickets online.

IceLotto improves the concept of purchasing a lottery ticket online. You can buy tickets for multiple lotteries from various countries. Therefore, if you long to play El Gordo de la Primitiva (Spain) or one of the numerous other lotteries, Icelotto is your best choice.

Defining IceLotto

IceLotto enables you to access big lotteries from other states (which allow participating online). Some significant lotteries that are available include Canada’s Lotto 649 and Europe’s Euro Millions. You can access Power Ball and Mega Millions also, which are two of the vital American lotteries.

Other Offerings from IceLotto

Other than purchasing tickets for some major lotteries in the world, you

can check the winning odds you have of a particular jackpot. Also, you have access to features like the background of all earlier lottery outcomes and specifics of secondary prizes. Ice Lotto also offers an efficient rundown of the number of times a digit has been drawn in previous lotteries.

Is it easy to use IceLotto?

The design of the website put into consideration the end-user. Everything has a bright label, and you are not likely to get confused. If you love the lottery, you will feel at home here.

You can register to use the website efficiently. You just need to submit your name, email address, and phone number. After registration, you are shown all the lotteries that will take place next. This countdown feature is useful mainly if you are unsure of whether you have sufficient time to buy your ticket.

Purchasing a ticket is simple. You just get the lottery you want to buy a ticket for and press ‘play now.’ After this, you are requested to choose your digits; alternatively, you can select quick play (lucky dip). After selecting your figures, you just submit payment for your ticket.

Support facilities at Ice Lotto

There are various support techniques at IceLotto. You can email, phone or utilize live chat to contact Ice Lotto.


  • The website is simple to comprehend.
  • Icelotto offers a loyalty and bonus program.

User Experience

Players will have a hassle-free purchasing process as they can put each of their entry orders inside a digital cart. To pay, you merely require clicking on the icon for the cart on the screen’s top-right and proceeding to the checkout page to submit payment for everything.

The website design of IceLotto is straightforward but casual due to the banners and game cards imposition on a background which is light gray. The top menu can be seen immediately as it is dark in colour and has all essential functions for use on the website like ‘My Account,’ ‘Play Lottery,’ ‘Support’ and ‘Lottery Results & Info.’

Players are invited to the home page to quickly play by laying all game cards down on a grid with three columns with a moving carousel that has lotteries that will soon make a draw.  Also, the home page presents lottery results in a smaller list.

The responsive design of the website makes navigating easy on devices and smart phones with smaller screens. Each of the buttons maintains their desk-screen dimensions. It makes it simple for players to use their thumbs to choose. Apple iOS and iPhone users are provided with an app by IceLotto also.

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Is IceLotto a Scam? NO! IceLotto is Safe and Legit!

Many people come across the IceLotto website and are not sure if it is safe to use and legal to play a lottery game online. They may wonder if it is safe to give their credit card or paypal info to an online lottery provider such as IceLotto.

Is IceLotto Legit? Is IceLotto Safe to Use?

Well.. you can rest assured! IceLotto has not had any JACKPOT price winners yet but they always pay winnings on time to their customers and customers that have won tens of thousands of dollars in prizes over the years have all received their winnings. It is estimated that over the years IceLotto has helped thier clients wo win over $300,000 in winnings!


IceLotto has a charming appeal and a selection that is small but solid of fantastic online lottery games. It makes it striking for players who just wish to win the leading jackpots in the world. IceLotto handpicked all of them on one website, providing a service that is easy to use, simple to navigate and offer players the opportunity to become millionaires with only a few clicks.