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Lotto Land Review
Lotto Land Review

Dream jackpots at Lottoland

Lotto Online Sign Up
Lotto Online Sign Up

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery and you get more chances to play for life changing wins and bigger jackpots at Lottoland!

There are familiar favourites such as EuroMillions and UK Lotto that you can choose to play. Alternatively Lottoland also provides you with the opportunity to win American giants MegaMillions and PowerBall so you can participate anywhere in the UK or Europe.

When you buy your lotto tickets at Lottoland, you get the same experience as if you had entered officially with the same payouts awarded to winners, including the jackpots. Rest assured the huge sums of money are guaranteed to be paid out as we are backed by insurance specialists who cover the payouts on our behalf.

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Where Lottoland helps enhance the customer experience for lotto lovers is by offering regular promotions and discounts and our exclusive features including DoubleJackpot.

DoubleJackpot = Double Joy !

Only at Lottoland can you decide to play for a bigger jackpot with our DoubleJackpot feature. Quite simply if you’re lucky to scoop the main prize then your winnings are doubled with DoubleJackpot!

On 17 December 2013 Lottoland gave lotto players the chance to win a world record jackpot of $1.2 billion. At the time the official Mega Millions lottery in USA had a jackpot of $636 million, but Lottoland customers with DoubleJackpot activated were in the hunt for a new world record payout – approximately £715,000,000 on our MegaMillions bet!

Playing the lottery online has never been more fun and rewarding. Join the fastest growing online lotto community now.

In addition, the company takes all the necessary measures to ensure the complete privacy of its clients. The website offers access to 4 large lottery games, and operates in two languages: English and German. This website has a friendly design, and it is an interesting and innovative website, for people who truly love to gamble.If you love lottery games, enjoy gambling and want to earn a lot of money, this is the place for you.