Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

The latest prize-winning news that “The Lott” officials are about to share with you is one of the most interesting ones in the history of “The Lott”. The officials have revealed that they were very much entertained and had a gag when the player told them his winning story.

The lottery officials are here to talk about the winner from Campsie who is a self-proclaimed prankster. His entire family is very cautious of him because he always wants to prank his family members. Whether it is his parents, his wife, his children, or friends, he can never stop pranking with them.

The player stated that he became felt like the “Boy” from the story “The Boy Who Cried Lion” when he learned he had won huge prize money.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the winner from Campsie had participated in the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw that was reportedly held on Friday, September 10, 2021. The officials have confirmed that the particular number of the draw was 10489.

The lucky game proved even luckier for him when he ended up winning the first prize from the particular game. The officials have revealed that the player reportedly won prize money worth $100,000 playing the Lucky Lotteries game.

On top of his first prize money of $100,000, the player also won a consolation prize, which brought in another $2,000 prize for the winner. As a result, the total prize money that the Campsie winner took home was $102,000.

The officials have revealed that the player was completely shocked when they informed him of the $100,000 prize win. The player informed the officials that he was going to tell his family and they will be really excited.

However, when the player showed up to claim his prize money, he was all by himself and seemed a little sad. Upon asking, the player informed them that his pranks finally ended up putting him in a bad situation.

The player informed the officials that there was nothing to be worried about. However, when he informed his family about the win, no one believed in him. The more he tried telling them about the win, the more his family laughed at him.

This is when he realized that he had gone too far with his pranks and now was the time to be serious. Even showing anger and seriousness did not help in his family believing in him. The player told the officials that not a single person he knows believed in him for the precedent he has set.

This is the reason why he came alone to claim his prize money. The player stated that it is good at the end of the day because it would turn out to be one of the best pranks he ever pulled on his family.

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