Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

An unidentified person from the District of Columbia manages to win the “Lucky For Life” option under the South Carolina Education Lottery. Bags US$ 25,000 prize money payable every year for a maximum of 20 years.

On the Eve of Christmas, a lucky draw for “Lucky for Life” under North Carolina Education Lottery took place, and results declared. The results could be seen live on the TV screens and were broadcasted on Radio as well. On the next day, the results were also printed in local newspapers.

The results drawn required the lucky ticket holder to match 2, 15, 40, 44, 47, and 12 for the Lucky Ball option. But even after Christmas no one was found indicating that he or she had held the winning ticket. In fact, no one had contacted the lotto’s office telling them that he or she had been the legitimate winner.

The details that had been available with the lotto’s office suggested that the unidentified winner bought the winning ticket from Jimmy’s Mart. More specifically it was informed that the Mart was located on Two Notch Road in the District of Columbia.

It was informed by lotto’s spokesperson that the winner was lucky enough to match the five numbers contained in white balls. However, the winner’s luck cheated on him or her as the winner could not match the digits contained in the Lucky Ball. But the prize money for this unidentified/mysterious winner had been good enough which could be life-changing. The lucky winner had earned US$ 25,000 which will be paid to him every year for maximum of 20 years.

This meant that at the end of 20 years, the winner would be entitled to receive a total amount of US$ 625,000. However, as per the rules of Lucky for Life, the winner also had the option of cashing out all the sum in one go. But the amount of prize money taken home had been reduced substantially if such an option had been implemented upon. For instance, if the current winner would decide to take money in lump-sum then the winner would be taking home US$390,000 only. This would be a win-win situation for both i.e. the winner and the lotto.

But currently, lotto’s officials had been looking forward to meeting the lucky winner who seems to be unaware of winning. While grabbing the opportunity, lotto’s officials had once again urged their lotto players to seriously consider completing the ticket registration process. This not only helps them to establish contact with the winner but is in the best of players’ interest, said officials.

Whoever out there is holding a winning ticket need to check the ticket as results had been announced since Christmas Eve. The prize money awaiting the winner is life-changing and awaiting its rightful and original beneficiary. If the prize remained unclaimed for any reason after the expiry of the deadline, then it would be spent upon good causes.

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