Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Winners of the Calgary Hospital Foundation’s lottery had been announced in a draw conducted by the administration of the hospital. A showhome located at Mahogany worth multiple million dollars was also included in this year’s grand prize offering.

This year the hospital had managed to collect approximately 5 Million dollar funds for providing healthcare support to Albertans. An official of the Hospital’s lotto informed that the tickets were sold this year faster than they had expected.

A few years back, Calgary Hospital Foundation had started an initiative to provide medical support and assistance to southern Albertans. In pursuit of its initiative, the Foundation decided to introduce a lottery through which funds will be collected. The funds collected were decided to be used to provide medical assistance, doctors, and medicines to the needy people living in Alberta. In particular, those people who cannot afford to pay for medications and doctor consultation fees were focused on.

Since the launch of the initiative, thousands of people living in Alberta had been provided with essential medical assistance.

This year mega prize was won by two Warner Brothers namely Bob and Barb who were residents of High River, Alberta. The brothers had won the multi-million dollar fully furnished house developed alongside the lake in a posh society situated in Mahogany. The brothers also managed to won US$ 100,000 in cash.

JenileeDeldayHemsing came out as the runner up. The prizes Jenilee had won included an apartment-cum-condo, a brand-new Range Rover Velar and a cash prize of US$ 25,000.

Another Hospital’s lotto winner namely Denis Wren made a huge fortune as he won the billion dollar prize money.

On the other hand two persons named Sharon Sack and Ken came out to be winner of Foundation’s choice. Both of them had been given the option to choose the prizes of their choice. The prizes on stake are brand new Mercedes Benz or Audi Q5 or they could also pick up cash prize of US$ 60,000.

Foundation’s official also told that more than twenty-five hundred people came out as winners of this year’s lotto. The official also told that the list containing the names of each and every winner will be published before 27th November.

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