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LANSING, MI — A Saginaw County couple is jumping for joy after a last-minute decision to play the Fantasy 5 lottery game led to them winning $627,144. 03.27.17

Courtesy of Michigan State Lottery

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve bought a Fantasy 5 ticket each week,” said the winner who chose to remain anonymous. “My wife never plays the Lottery, but Saturday she asked me to stop and play five numbers for her, so I got her a ticket.

“I was walking out of the store with $4 in my hand and I thought ‘What the heck? Why not get four Fantasy 5 tickets?’ So I went back to the counter and bought four Easy Picks.”

The player matched all five numbers drawn — 03-19-20-25-38 — to win the jackpot.

“I always play 19-20-25-38, so I was excited to have won $100,” said the player. “When I checked the extra tickets I bought and saw I matched all five numbers I sank into my chair, looked up to the sky and said ‘Thank you God!'”

The couple visited Michigan State Lottery headquarters on Monday to claim their prize. With their winnings, they plan to pay off their house, buy a new car, invest some money and take a trip to Hawaii.

“The ticket I bought for my wife wasn’t a winner, but I told my wife to pick out whatever kind of car she wanted. Without her asking me to stop and buy her a ticket, I never would have won,” the player said.

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