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The National Lottery is extremely excited in sharing information about two lucky lottery winners for the draws that took place on Wednesday (January 20, 2021). The National Lottery is extremely surprised to see that the top prize winners for two different lottery games were both from Dublin.

The first winner was produced from the Lotto Plus 1 game that is powered by the National Lottery. The lucky winner was from Citywest in Dublin 24 and got to have the best start for the New Year. The player was fortunate enough to win the €1 million prize from the Lotto Plus 1 game.

The player had selected the Quick Pick ticket for the particular game and had purchased the ticket on the same date as the draw. The lucky ticket was sold from “The Belfry Spar Store that is located in City West, South West Dublin.

The manager at the Spar Store Warren Brennan was very happy about the recent win. He stated that all of the store staff members were buzzing when they came to know about the top prize news. They were excited when they came to know that someone who had purchased a ticket from their store had ended up winning €1 million.

Mr. Brennan thanked all of the staff members for their hardworking and dedication to promoting the lottery games. He also urged all the lottery players from the area to check their lottery tickets. He stated that he wishes that the lottery prize winner will be from the surrounding area.

At the end, Brennan stated that whoever the winner is, he wishes them a very best of luck and a bright future ahead.

In the meanwhile, another player from Co. Dublin found himself blessed when he ended up winning a prize money of €112,078. The player had decided to play the Lucky Online Lotto game and the draw for this game was also held on Wednesday (January 20, 2021). The ticket managed to match 5 lucky numbers from the drawn numbers along with the bonus ball. If the ticket had managed to match all six lucky, numbers, the situation would have been different and the prize money would have been €7.5 million.

Altogether, there were around 84,000 prize winners produced from the National Lottery draws that took place on Wednesday (January 20, 2021). The National Lottery has stated that the lottery draw was not able to produce the €7.5 million jackpot prize winner.

The National Lottery has revealed that the lucky numbers for the Lotto Plus 1 game are 10-15-18-23-28-33 and the bonus number is 38.

On the other hand, the lucky numbers for the Online Lotto game are 17-20-29-33-37-42 and the bonus ball is 16.

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